These beliefs in the customs of the human [?]
[crossed out - self concsious,is the [??] to the [??] ] of each
after death I have found them very wide spread, [?] by
unusual, any the [Australian?] native tribes. The

[Left hand marign - [Yauth?] or Yuntbri?]]

Murup - a [?] - - - [is? or?] whether he may claim to
[??], clearly represents during life the self consciousness
of the individual. The apparent ability of this self consciousness
to leave the body during sleep from time, lends up naturally
to a further belief that death is surely its permanent
separation from the body. Moreover in during dreams
the "ghosts" of others who were dead were apparently perceived
the belief is natural but the individual still exists after
death, although generally invisible to the living. This was
brought out very clearly to me by the argument of one of the
Kurnai, whom I asked whether he really thought his
Yambo could " go out" during sleep. He said "This
must be so, for when I sleep I go to distant places, I see
distant people; I never see and speak with those that are

[Crossed out - such beliefs are thus explained]

[Faint text] Out of the southern parts they speak of the tribe
to [crossed out - must be] speak of the dead but the [??] of the
[??] there being individual might be [??] to [??]


Out of this arises the belief in ghosts, [crossed out - in] where [crossed out - such] abiding
place may be in the earth so [crossed out - legend the] in the sky country.

There [crossed out - into] [??] appear to live a life much as do the [dead?]
below in time of peace are [crossed out - which] hunting, feasting and
festive gatherings. This would necessary require the
presence of the elders and any therefore of ones who are
these tribe in earth would be the "great one" - "or guest
man" [crossed out - that in the] the Biambau of the [word crossed out] tribe (p).

Such a one is evidently [crossed out - the Mungsn] pictured in
all the series from [Nurete?] to Baiame.

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