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The feelings of the aborigines towards this being is one of
deep awe and reverance. I have been struck more
than once of the [crossed out - reverance with] manner in which [the - crossed out] his secret name has been
spoken when we have discussed these questions, with a low tone of voice
and all the expressions of [??] depicting mental awe and reverance,

This was so with Kurnai, Ngarigo, Wolgal and Coast Murring
and Berak once rather than mention the name of Bunjil
had recourse to gestures indicating an old man up above

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From which I have personally heard of the beliefs covering
Nureli, Bunjil, Mungan-ngaua, Daramulun and
Baiame I am quite clear that they all under different
names represent that same supernatural anthropo.
being. In all cases [3 inserted words cannot read] be it represented as having at one
time lived upon the earth when he according to one account
made the "trees & ?. All [crossed out - the] agree that he taught the
then living people the arts so far as they know them, for
instance the making of weapons & implements but I
never heard that he made mankind or even
animals. [crossed out - at] Although he may be said to be omnipotent
and [?omniscient?], this is in the sense that he is so magically,
[word crossed out] having the same powers but in a [crossed out - completely]
a greater degree that the medicine men claim [two words crossed out]
[crossed out - have received from him] at the Initiation ceremonies to have
received from him. [crossed out - Combining this with the only]

[Left margin note]
With his two wives of the
Ganawana totem his son
and son's wife, his brother and his
wife and as in the case
of Bunjil his brother and wife
sons that is the younger/ [??]
[??] who [??] [??] older.

Having lived for a time on the earth he left -
and ascended to the sky where he is believed
to be. Combining these teachings of the Initiation with
the tribal legends. I see on the [embodied?] idea [crossed out - and]
a very old venerable King Head man of the tribe. He is
of tribal [??] [crossed out - a finished] all powerful in magic
but with the same human failing and powers [crossed out - and]
[text too faint to read]

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