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connected with the belief in a flat earth of limited extent
is [crossed out - the] a Kulin belief. The sun when passing out of sight
in the west was thought to go down into a place called
by them Ngámat which has been discribed to
me as being like a great ^[incandescent?] hole what [crossed out - out of which] a tree
has been burned out". The reflection from Ngámat,
that is the upward streaming rays of the setting
sun, is said to be the path by which the [crossed out - ghost]
mūrŭp, the disembodied human being, [crossed out - the gho]
went up to the Tharan-galk-bek.

A legend [crossed out - of the] from the tribe about Maryborough
in Queensland also brings out the idea of a hole into
[crossed out - which and] which the sun retired at night. It
says that when Biral had placed the blackfellows
on the primitive earth "which was like a huge
sandbank" he told them when they asked where
"they could [crossed out - should] get [crossed out - fire from" in the] warmth in the
day time and fire at night" that if they went in
a direction he pointed out they would find the sun
and could get fire by knocking a piece off it.
Going far in that direction they found that the sun
came up out of one hole in the morning and
went into another at night. [crossed out - and then] Rushing
after the sun they knocked a piece off and thus
obtained fire.

[crossed out - Thus the [?] belief] It seems therefore
that the belief in another country beyond the
sky extended at least over that part of Australia
defined by the [instance?] given - about a third of its
area, and in all [such beliefs?] extended over the whole.

This [crossed out - country [transcelestial] country (sky country)]
sky country in [included?] in the Dieri legend which tell
[??] where the mara mara and Kuritcha listened with by law tuned (p - ).
[crossed out - maukana [??] is a prime] [crossed out - where the]
[crossed out - Maukara-waka-ya-pira] [inserted above - to the sky] the [crossed out - where] [Arawobya?]
"who lives in the sky" let down a bag [crossed out - cord] [hair cut?]
and drew up ^him at all [??] times with tribes to himself". [crossed out - all their tribes tell these]

The [Newbang?] legend the [Nureli?] are [??]] (1) the sky, [crossed out - that]
[crossed out - of the] the Wotjoballuk legend is for pine tree which extended up
through to the sky. [First Left mrgin note in here] [crossed out - and up which] and the people of that time [??] [??] of the trees to
gather manna (2) [crossed out - in the event] which maybe that [word crossed out]
[crossed out - manna bring] tree such without individual their manna is found
in the Eucalyptus country [??] [??] there.

[Left margin note]
[two words crossed out] to the places
[two words crossed out] beyond which
[mamen gornath?] [path-?]
lives (see medicine men - p -.

[Left margin note]
a legend relating to

[Left margin notes]
(1) [callum?] - ?
(2) manna is [??] ?

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Dieri sky legend