looking down at us. Your boy went through and
said to me " I am only waiting here for you and
my father." One of the girls there said "How is my
mother?" I said why it looks like our Minna!"
Then I went through and saw a lot of people there."

This [one?] may brings out the belief in our powere of
the individual through sleep to leave the body
and to go elsewhere, but also the idea of the
[crossed out - Tharangalk-bek] - the sky country, where the
murup after death goes to. The ascent by the
cord and the entrance into the sky country
through a hole is also an unusual belief as for
all is [??] the medicine men (see Chpter)

Returning again to [Death?] and the belief
in the ability of his murup to leave the body
during sleep [crossed out - and] to wander abroad, [??] gives us
a further instance which connects the old with
the new condition.

Heard a [??] of a [??] and he told me
that during his sleep his murup had gone
up the valley of Badger Creek, (a tributary of the Yarra river)
and that be to their found [??] [??] full of [greed?].
Although he had many times since searched the
place when awake the "murup had never yet
been able to take him to and to the [??]."

So firmly is the belief fixed in the mind that
in the latter end of [ letters crossed out] the year again I heard
of him a being still [crossed out - th] ordering of the [reef?].

[Left margin note bracketed to following paragraph]
[??] at A

The Kurnai belief is much that of the Kulin.
I have heard two names applied to it, [crossed out - by this] the Brabra (p-)
Blimte-da-Nŭrk. Nŭrk is cloud. of the Krauatun 9p) the
sky was called [Bring-nurt?], "bring" being [bone?] and nurt - cloud.

In speaking of the [Binark?] medicine men (p) I have
described them as [??] and the tribesmen's belief that they
ascended to the sky by means of the [nirarts?], [crossed out - that is] who
might be spoken of as ghosts. That the sky was regarded
as a solid covering is shown by the statement that the
[Berak?] went through a hole and that on the other side
he saw the [nirarts?] dancing and singing.

As [crossed out - any the] in the case of Berak the

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Kurnai - dreams
Bra = man


Brabralung of the Gunaikurnai people in Central Gippsland. Mitchell, Nicholson, and Tambo rivers; south to about Bairnsdale and Bruthen