Among the [Ngaragn?] white men were called
mūgan, [crossed out - that is ghost], the [nalgal?] term was
ma-mūjan both meaning "ghost",

[Crossed out - A white man] The Kamilary called a
white man "Wunda" and believed him to
be a [crossed out - letters] blackfellow come back again.

My valued correspondent the late [Mr Chasey?]
who lived for 5+ years in the Kamilary country -
had the mark of Cupping in his back
and the Kamilaroi [??] not be [??] but he
was not a Murri (1) [emu?] back - The marks
in his back being his mombarai or
"family marks". -

[Left margin note]
(1) [crossed out - that is] "man"
that is Kamilari

The Karabara also thought that white men
were blackfellows returned again after death.

The old men of the tribe about Maryborough
(I?) when the spirits of white men said
"The is all right these are the "[crossed out - mit] mŭt
hara" (1) come back from the island, and
they often [recognized?] white men as relatives
come back to them and [gave?] them
[crossed out - the] names & the family were quite [??]
[??] anything [??] of them.

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As a first instance [I may?] quote by Mr [??].
Where [crossed out - has ?? ??] in the Cooper Creek nature searching for the [??] [crossed out - the]
Burke & Wills in 1862 I was frequently asked by blacks
to leave & [??] shouting distance with the [northern [jirri-irri?] [Kumbi?]
which [being?] of the [sun?] wandering ghost. Indeed the
[??] [Wuthi? or Muthi?] is even now used in the Dieri language
for any thing relating to the white men, even [crossd out - 2 words] [??]
[??] [??] by the speakers [??] [Wuchi?]. Subsequently
after I did find [??] at [Kutchi-werina?] [??] [crossed out - only no] one
corpse and [crossed out - the far] and part of there [??] tribe (see p -)
which [proceeded?] [??] South a [??] [??] of the [Callabirru?] creek
in the Grey Range since the first are a [crossed out - a] and their [??]
the [Minfalls?] - [??] [??] in the [Lace?] [legend?] where
[??] [??] did many [??] to [??] . 191

[Left margin note]
1) There being of the
[Nunyalli?] totem
[??] of the [Ji?]
class, the [organisation?]
of the

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Karabara - Halifax Bay, Queensland


[Callabirru?] creek - may be Cuttaburra Creek, Queensland