It is evident that [crossed out - many of] the burial practices
[crossed out - have] are intended either to benefit the survivors
or to prevent a [munyan?] or [njaur?] to them by the invisible
individual who has left the body.

The Dieri practice is [??] to them for the
purpose of - -

So also is the practice of the Maryborough tribe [crossed out - of]
intended to - -

The [crossed out - being up of the] lightly cording of the body
especially in a cramped position [crossed out - may eb] might have
two meanings, first for convenience of transport [crossed out - 2 words] in these
case where the [crossed out - bo] deceased is carried about [crossed out - by the kin]
with the [thin?] [crossed out - or] seemed for the purpose of preventing the
dead from going among the relatives and [arranging? or scaring?] or
injuring them. The latter [??] [came?] but [??]
deceased was the practice of the [Wakelbura?]. As an
instance I take the case of death of a fighting man.
The body is placed upon a [crossed out - frame] stage and covered with
[crossed out - the] branches [crossed out - of a tree], both being taken from some tree which
is of the same class as the deceased. Assuming that he was
of the [Banbei?] sub-class, then boughs of the Broad leaved [word crossed out]
box tree (1) [crossed out - might] might be used for that tree is also [Banbeo?] (2)
A large fire was made close to the spot and a number of tree
[crossed out - were] marked [??] [so?] that this " [blazed?] line" led
back to the [crossed out - grave] stage and the corpse. This is to prevent the
dead man [crossed ou - ghost] [framing?] [??] the ghost being led back by the
blazed line to the corpse.

[Line across page]

(1) ? - ?
(2) As to these [clearing?] [fine?] sup. -

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broad-leaved box = Eucalyptus dives. Also called broad leaf peppermint


Banbei = Banbai (NSW)