same totem as the tarrimas sitting on
them. Sometimes the visitors place
the legs of their tarrimas across each other
for a minute or two - and after the
performance is over the visitors
carry their tarrimas back to their
respective camps and lay them
down carefully therein. During this
proceeding they do not speak and
whatever things the onlooking tarrimas
have as food, clothes, fancy articles they
give to the tarrimas their visitors
while they are dancing in front of
them; but they shut their eyes while
giving these presents and the dancing
man never stops but receives it
still keeping up his performance.

When present at a meeting of the
Burgullabura + Wandilibura tribes
lately I noticed that the ceremonies
were all relative to tarrima; at the
present time x all the Wakelbura
blacks have been [are - crossed out] absent [and - crossed out] for about ten months
one part of the tribe having gone to visit their tarrimas at
Blackall and Barcaldine on the Barcoo
or Thomson River and the other part
having gone north to the Towers blacks.

A peculiarity as to tarrima
is that two men who are tarrima to each other
are bot allowed to speak to each other.
Suppose for instance that two blacks
meet, one from the Barcoo and the other

x- [?1851?]

[written in left side margin]
see contra A

Burgullabura - called after
"plains" - classes are
Mallera + Yungera

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