Walsh River
N.M.P. Barracks
Oct 12th 1882


Reading your letter in
the Queenslander and thinking
I may be of some service
to you in obtaining the
information that you desire
I beg you will send me any
questions you like and I
will endeavour to obtain
the desired information
Formerly I was Protector
of Aborigines in the Mackay
district and it may seen strange
to you that I should now be
in the Native Mounted Police but
I find it that be being so I am
better able to protect them
and I consider it my duty to
both protect and punish them
with fairness

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About Port Mackay the blacks
are divided into two classes
Yungaroo and Wotaroo and
the children take the name
of the mother's class
If the mother is Yungaroo
the children are Yungaroo
but the father is Wootaroi
At the Bora or yearly festival
They give the young men a new
name drill a hole through the
cartlilage of the nose knock out
two front teeth and mark
him to let all blacks know
that he has undergone the ceremony
or ordeal. The young men are
not allowed to eat for a certain
period and only water is given
than by the old men who name
them If the name given is Yongalijo
the men repeat it dancing round
the youth who is covered up in a
Possum Rug

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J Gibson

XM67 'might' be the second half of this letter. It is also incomplete. It does not have an opening page, but does have a sign off. The paper and handwriting both match, but these do not exclude the possibility of other potential matches.