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cases totems, which each apply to one moiety
of the tribe. Along the Darling River, & up the
Murray River, over a large part of Eastern
Victoria and through Maneroo in N.S.W
[crossed out - and the fall of the waters towards the Murray ]
[crossed out - and Murrumbidgee Rivers]. The meaning
of the two primary class names is Eaglehawk
and Crow. In some instances the names
are the words commonly in use while in others
these are synonyms which are more frequently
used in speaking of these birds. (1)

If the supposition is correct that in the [crossed out - name]
primary [crossed out - class] divisions we may recognize the
oldest forms [crossed out - of the class names] and in the
four subdivisions somewhat newer forms of totems
it should be found that these earlier divisions
show signs of antiquity to this
hypothesis the nearest to the present
time. This is I think the case. The totems
are in all cases words forming part of the
living language of the tribe divided by them.
They are also unvariably natural objects found
in the tribal country [crossed out - (1)] and could in some way not have

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(1) Mukwara and Kilpara, Bunjil and Waa,
Mercury & Yuckembruk all mean Eaglehawk
and crow.

[Left margin note crossed out:
(1) Also name what might be called
universal object such as the
storms, rain, wind and such
see next page]

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