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[Underlined heading] Systems counting descent through the father in the male line.

All the tribes of which I have spoken in this section count
descent in the female line. There yet remains however
other tribes which count it through the father and as before
I commence with that type which is the simplest.

A class system having two primary divisions only with
totem sub divisions obtained over a large part of Eastern
Victoria (excluding Gippsland) and [crossed out - are] is best known
to me in the form in which it occurred in the country
north and south of the Yarra River with the Woiworŭng tribe.

The two primary intermarrying divisions were
Eaglehawk (Bunjil) and crow (Waa) and there
was one totem the Hawk attached to the class division.

Descent was counted through the father for the children
of a Bunjil man were Bunjil and of a Waa man
were Waa. [crossed out - The] A marked distinction between this
[crossed out - system] and the Barkinji system which it otherwise
resembles was that the two major totems were collected into
certain localities, thus forming "local totem classes"
while with the Barkinji system the members of the
two class divisions were scattered throughout the whole tribal
territory*, [crossed out - some were] members of each division, of course
also of the the totems being formed in the several local tribal
groups. In the Woiworung tribe and the country in certain localities
all the men and all the children were Bunjil, his wives
beng Waa, which in certain other localities the reverse
was the case. There is in thos a remarkale instance of [crossed out - the] a
profound alteration in the social arrangements
connected with the change in descent for it is [certain?]
that this class system is an altered and partly
decayed form of the Barkinji type (1).

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+ (1) See [??] of the Kurnai ancestors. Journal
of the Anthropological Society ---

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