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[particular - crossed out] details evidently still wanting
[but - crossed out] Enough is however recovered to enable me to
deduce certain principals underlying the
Primary class Totems Pseudo totems Mortuary totems
Krokitch 1. Ngaui the sun Bŭnjil = a star &c. Wurtignaui = shadow thrown by the sun
2. Barewan a cave -------? Beäl Beäl = red gum
3. Batchyangal Berick = a native cat &c Mitbagraga = bark of mallee
Gamutch i. Jallan = death adder Gŭnowara = a swan None……
ii Ngŭngŭl = the sea ---------? Jamia = sea weed
iii Wūrant = Bk cockatoo &c Ngari = black duck &c Darimŭrŭk = synonym of black cockatoo (1)

[Left margin note next to Krotitch:
E. rostrata?
E. dumosa? ]
[Left margin note next to Gramutch:
Acanthopsis Antarcticus
Calyptorhyncus funereus ]

This system seems to be a peculiar arrangement of the Barkinji
type. It has two primary classes which are [crossed out - ??] recognised
to be the equivalents of the [crossed out - class] Barkinji class name (2).
But in this case the totems have advanced to the
grade of subclass. They have a markedly independent
existence subject to their primary. Yet there is not
the restriction which is found in some of the class systems
of the type named when marriage of a totem is restricted to some
other totem. In this case a Krokitch of whatever totem can
marry a gamutchgurk (3) of any of the totems of that class
provided also that there are not any disabilities arising
out of nearness of kin &c. [crossed out - In this] Another peculiarity
is that several of the totems have a second name
which seems to have been on the high road to separate

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(1) Dari = white = mŭrŭk = temple on side of head
alluding to the yellow feathers at the side of the head of
the Bk cockatoo
(2) see [?] page
(3) gurk is the feminine termination

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Calyptorhyncus funereus - yellow-tailed black cockatoo


Acanthopsis antarcticus - common death adder
Eucalyptus rostrata was an early name for Eucalyptus camaldulensis (river red gum)
Eucalyptus dumosa (common name is white mallee)