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It seems therefore that the totems have been formed
in this instance by a process of subdivision by which
for instance the group Ngaui has been separated
into two nearly allied totems. Munya has also
separated into two totems which are distinguished
- if not by separate Pseudo totems – at any rate by
different mortuary names.

Since the totems are counted from Ngaui
and not Krokitch – Batchyangal comes next in
order of importance, that Barewun has been
a later development and since the space
in the diagram lying between Ngaui and
Barewun is called “wholly Garchuka”
it would seem possible that Barewun
may have been a segmentation of Batchyangal.
[crossed out - Similar type] Analogous suggestions arise
from other particulars noted as to this system.

Looking at the whole Wotjoballuk system as
it is known to me and as I have tabulated
it the belief seems justified but it is a
somewhat abnormal development of
the Barkinji type in which the totems have
obtained a marked prominence and have
been in process of further segmentation
by means of what I have called the pseudo totems.

Cases such as that of the Wotjoballuk tribe
[crossed out - which had[??] descent in full force] show
a process of development in the class system
but there are other cases where there seems
to have been a decay of the class system
tending towards extinction and of these
the Woiwurong tribe is a good example
because in it the process has been arrested
by the annihalation of the tribe by reason of the

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