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“blessings of civilization” at a stage when
one totem still remained extant [crossed out - and]
other totems are recognisable in their
apotheosis as stars as recorded in the
Folk lore of the tribe.

[crossed out - Some of] I have several times have had occasion in
previous papers to refer to this tribe (1) and I
now give further necessary details.

[Left margin note: (1) quote]

It was one of a number of kindred tribes all bound
together by the same social organization. They occupy
that part of Victoria which may be roughly defined by
saying that in addition to the Western Port District it
extended round the flanks of the Australian
Alps to the Ovens River and northwards, westwards
and continued as indicated by the points
Seymour, Sandhurst, [Bacchus Marsh]]
and Geelong. Beyond these bounds were
other communities distinguished by having
on the NE side the Kamilaroi organization
on the North West [crossed out - and] west and south the
[crossed out - class names of which the Wotyoballuk] class names
of the Wotjoballuk type and to the [crossed out - East] and
South East the Kurnai tribe without any class names
what ever. Within the bounds named all the tribes
had [crossed out - all] the two class names Bunjil and Waa
and they all constituted what may be called
the “Kulin Nation” – from the word [crossed out - most] found
in some form in all these different dialects and
meaning “man” – i.e. one of their own full grown
The social organization of these tribes was based
upon the above class named with descent in the
male line and a further very peculiar
local arrangement under which each [crossed out - separate]

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