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clan (1) of the different tribes was of one class name
only. Thus some clans were wholly Bunjil
and some wholly Waa. Herein was a very marked
distribution from the tribes [crossed out - such as the] to the
NE, N & W [crossed out - and] in which with uterine
descent the class names and of course also
the totems were found scattered among
the various “hordes” (2) of which the tribes
were composed. I cannot pretend I have
obtained a complete list of all the clans
of the different tribes of the Kulin Nation
but the information which I have recorded
gives certain reliable [reliable underlined] data. Out of
14 classes I find 6 which were Waa
and 8 which were Bunjil. Marriage was
of course between the two class names and therefore
since those names had received a peculiar
local distribution or perhaps had been
locally aggregated the marriages had become
local as well as totemic. That is to say
a man being confined to one class name
was also confirmed by customary law to the
choice of a wife from [some?] one or more

The class name Waa = crow had no totems
But Bunjil = eaglehawk had one totem namely
Thara = swamp hawk. The native legend
which I give at p.x supplies it seems to me
some of the missing totems of Bunjil but does
not do so as to the class Waa. I may [crossed out - in]
[crossed out -anticipate] refer the reader to the legend itself
and can now point out [crossed out - that the missing]
[crossed out - totems of Bunjil would in this supposition]
[crossed out - be "Brush tail phascogale" - "[??] [??]" - "Nankeen Kestrel"]
[crossed out - were [??] totem. The totems which have much]

[Left margin notes]
(1) Clan and because of male descent.
(2) horde became of uterine descent.
[at line beginning 14] trustworthy
As Punch says, "Hang reliable"

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