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The Kamilaroi nation in its contact
with the Wollaroi and Woradjeri
has a fringe of tribal groups where language
is "Part Kamilaroi and part Wollaroi"-
or "[Woradjeri - crossed out] Kamilaroi and Woradjeri;
The Gippsland Kurnai who were hemmed
by mountain chains and almost impenetrable
stretches of scrub_touched on other tribes
only along the immediate coast line,
what the relations may have been between
the most Western of the Brataulung Kŭrnai
and the most Eastern of the Westernport
Kūlin - about the country between the Tarwin
and Stockyard creek -cannot now
be known as the two clans are totally
extinct. On the other side of Gippsland
however where the Easternmost Gippsland
clan the “Easterners” (Krauatŭn)
or Eastern men (Krautŭn Kŭrnai) – men
the most southern [of the Murrin - crossed out] clans of
the Mŭrrin – it is still possible to trace out
some of the main features of the contact.
The Krauatun were Kŭrnai and not Mŭrrin;
they did not however attend the Initiations of the
Kŭrnai but neither did they attend those of
the Mŭrrin; they intermarried far in among
the other Kŭrnai clans, while they only
intermarried with that Mŭrrin clan which
was next to them. Yet their name
Krauatŭn-gal-lŭng bears a strong trace
of both Kŭrnai and Mŭrrin derivation –
The Krauatŭn came from the Westward
being the extreme offshoot of the Kŭrnai
branch of the Kūlin stream; the

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