We have here an instance of a
small tribe which may have acquired
an independent existence through
the coalescence of fugitives from [all - crossed out]
the three surrounding tribes. [Breaches of - crossed out]
[tribal custom bringing - crossed out] Blood feud,
serious breaches of tribal law, above
all the elopement of couples who
were within the “forbidden degree" either
of Kindred (own blood relations) or of class
(tribal blood relations) [could - crossed out] would account
for such an aggration [sic] into a whole
[of scattered of fragments of tribes- crossed out]
of individuals or of couples broken adrift
either voluntarily or involuntarily from the
tribe. It is in just such a country as
the one described, a dense gloomy
jungle [lying in on the mo- crossed out] cloistering
the mountain slopes and swampy
lowlands equally that would afford a
haven of refuge for the fugitives hastening
to escape from the wrath of vengeful
pursuers. It is into such a refuge
that the fugitives from Maneroo,
from Gippsland and from Twofold Bay coast
seem to have penetrated for safety and
in time to have formed the Bidwelli,
“half Kŭrnai half Brajerak".

Although throughout the wide
plain of the inland basin of Australia
the [?immense?] boundaries of tribes have
been "blurred" by fusion with
each other, yet when mountain
chains, tracts of desert, or great saline

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