tracts almost destitute of fresh water
are found we there also again
meet with the more sharply defined
limits of language, of class names
and of tribe. The stream of migration
which spread down the Barcoo, or
perhaps which spread down from
the North coast by Eyre creek, the
Diamatina, Coopers Creek into the
South Australia hill country, came
in its south western temination in
contact with the exreme western
offshoots of another migratory stream
which had followed down the
waters of the Darling River. The
extreme point to which the Yantruwunta
extended was Flood creek in the
Barrier Ranges. The feeling of the Yantruwunta
was one of dread [and yet of- crossed out] for the
"wild black" to the Eastward of that range of hills
But it was also one of contempt. I
have heard the Yantruwanda speak
of the Darling River blacks as being of
such extreme stupidity that they
"called snake fire". That is the word
tūro was in the Yantruwunta language
fire [underlined] while in that of the Darling River blacks
it signified snake [underlined], eg. the well known
locality in Burke's track - Tourwato swamp
-being Tūro-wato from tūro= snake and
wato = take hold

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