in mariage, of separating men from their wives when theycould not agree
amd making fresh matrimonial arrangements.

He periodically visited the varioushordes of the Dieri, from
which he also periodically received presents. Tribes even ata distance
of a hundred miles sent him presents, which werre passed on from tribe to
tribe for him.

He was one of their great Kunkis or medicine men, but would
only practice his art on persons of note, such as heads of totems, or
his personal friends.

He was the son of a previous Headman who was living during
Mr Gasons residence in the Dieri country and who, although too infirm
to join in the ceremonies, gave advice to the old men. He boasted that
he had the command of the tribe, before his son acquired it. He was
believed to proof to magic such as "striking withthe bone".

Jalina Piramurana had succeded to and indeed eclipsed his
father. He was the head of the Kunaura Murdu, and boasted of being the
"tree of life"' the "family" of life", for this seed forms at times the
principal source of vegetable food of these tribes. He was also spoken
of as the Illanyura-Murdu (I), that is of the plant itself.

I observed that there were such Pinarus in the tribes to
the north and north east of the Dieri, such as the Yaurorka, and

When in the Yaurorka country, south of Sturts Stony Desert
I camped for a night near one of the small groups of that tribe. A party
of the old men, the pinarus of theplace came to see me, and asked me
to go with them tosee the "Pina-pinaru", the Great - great one, who
could not come to see me. I went with them andfound sittingin one of the
huts, the oldest blackfellow I ever saw. the other Pinarus were mostly
greay haired and bald, but he was so old as to bealmost childish", and was
covered with a grizly (?) of hair from head to foot. The respect with
he was treated by theother old men was as marked in them as was the
respect withthey were treated by the younger men.
Such Headmen as these appear to be foundin all the tribes
of the Lake Eyre Basin, amd probably also in all the tribes which
have the two Dieri class names.

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