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but I assume that he may have spent his
time there, doing sd it issaid that Bili-billeri did, namely splitting
slabs of stone to supply demands for it. the enormous amount of broken
stone [??] shows that generations of the predecessors of Bili-billeri must have
labored at this work.

When neighbouring tribes wished for stone they sent a messen-
ger to Bili-billeri to say that they would send up things to exchange
for it. Such things were for instance skin rugs. When tribespeople arrived
after such an exchange they encamped somewhere near the quarry, and on
such occasion Berak has heard Bili-billeri say to them "I am glad to
behave quietly and not hurt me or eachother."
If however people came and took stone without leave it
caused a disturbance, and a fight between them and Bili-billeri's people.
Sometimes men came by stealth and stole stone. I have heard Berak speak
of such an occurrence [???]. a man of the Wudthaurung tribe, from
near Geelong came [?????????????]. Bili-billeri did not kill this man, probably because he could not catch him, but hesent a mesage to the Wudthaurung and in consequence theycame as far as their boundary, the Werribee River where
Bili-billeri and his people met them. These were those who had a
right to the quarry, and whose rights had been infringed. the Headmen who
I have mentioned were there, and the place of meetingwas apart from the
camps of the Wudthaurung and the Wurunjeri respectively.
"The Wudthaurung men sat in one place, and the others together
a little apart from them but within speaking distance. The old men of each
side sat together with the younger men behind them. Bili-billeri had behind
him Bungerin to whom he "gave his word". Bungerin then standing up said
"did some of you send this young man to take tomahawk stone?" The Headman of the Wudthaurung said "No we sent no one". then Bili-billeri said to Bungerim, say to the old men thatthey musttell this young man notto do so any more. when the people
speak about wanting stone, the old men must send us notice. Bungerim
said this in a loud tone, and the old men of the Wudthaurung replied
"That is right,we will do so". then they spokes trongly to the young
man who had stolen the tomahawk stone, and both parties were then again
friendly to eachother.
At such a meeting all the weaponswere left at the camps and

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