At the Jeraeil ceremonies he was the leader, and it was main-
ly his voice which decided questions discussed at the meetings of the
initiated men which were held. when during the ceremonies two of the
novices were brought before the old men, by their guardians, charged with
having broken some of the ceremonail rules, it was Bunbra who spoke last
his directionsas to them were obyed.

In the olden times the Gweraeil-kurnai, or as I have almost
literally translated the term, the Headman took an active part together
with the other old men, in dealing with breaches of their moral code,
for instance unlawful, that is incestuous marriages, which were punished
with death.

In each clan of the Chepara tribe there was a Headman called
Kulumba-mutta that is Greatman,, and in the Chepara clan itself the Kalumbra-
was superior to all the others.

The office of Headman descended to the son, if no son then
to a daughters son, and failing this, the brother of the deceased
Kulumbra-mitta received the authority. If a headman became incapacitated,
or for some other reason did not fill his office satisfactorily, then
the old men would set him aside and select some one of the obove mentioned
in jis place. The medicineman Bagerum (p ) did not become Headman

These instances which extended over a considerable part of the
Eastern part of the continent,are taken either from my own observation
of rom the staements of competent correspondents, and show that in
these tribes (which I have taken as illustrations - crossed out) there were men
recognised as having a conrol over the tribes people,
whose orders were obeyed, and who received designations
which in some cases may be translated "elder" or "great one". These ins-
tances justify the conclusion that similar Headman existed in other tribes
(in the parts of Australia, and in fact their existence generally -crossed out) in south/
eastern Australia. No doubt that in some tribes their power and authority
were better established than in others, while in certain tribes there was
a tendency for the office of headman to be transmitted from father to
son. (?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????)
so if the latter were worthy.
Simply as a question of terminology it is well to avoid the use of the

(2) A.L.P. Cameron
( ) John B. Bribble (These 3 names crossed out)
(3) John B. Gribble

(1) J. B. Gribble

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