The Government of the Adjadura tribe is in the hands of the old
men who with the Headmen form a council which deals with tribal matters,
such as the initiation ceremonies. (There was a headman in each of the four
divisions of the tribe) (crossed out). From time to time the
Headmen were summoned by the principal Headman to meet him, to discuss
some matter of moment. That this council was only formed by these men who
had an inherited authority is emphasised by the fact that the medicine
men (gurildra) were as such not entitles to be present. Nor were the young
men allowed to be present at these meetings, unless similarly privi
leged. Women were altogether excluded. Cases have owever occurred where
men distinguished, for instance by great oratorical powers, were invited
to join the deliberations of the Headmen. This council decided what should
be done in cases of breach of tribal laws, the penalty for
some of which was death. (2)

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