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(Wulernunt totem. They speared him at night when sleeping in his camp,
and escaped, but were seen and recognised by his wife. The relatives of the
deceased sent a wirik-girr to the offenders telling the, to look out for
themselves and be prepared for revenge. A messenger was sent in reply
telling them to come with their friends, and that they, would be prepar-
ed to stnad out and have spears thrown at them.
There was a great meeting of the respective totems, and Garchuka people
(Long billed White Cockatoo), (crossed out) being that of the offenders , and the Wulernunt people (????????) of the avengers.

Having then met as arranged, at the time and place fixed, withtheir respective kindred, the Garchuka Headmen of the white cockatoo stood out
between the opposed totems and made a speech, calling upon his men not to
take any unfiar advantage, in the encounter. Then he appointed a place
men at hand where the expiatory fight, should take place that afternoon,it
being agreed that so soon as the offenders had been struck by a spear the
fight should cease. Then the offenders stood out being armed with shields
and received the spears thrown at them by the deadman's kindred, until
at length one of them was wounded.The Headman of the Garchuka then threw up in the air the piece of lighted bark which he carried, and the fight
ceased. If it had been continued there would have been a general fight
between the two totems.

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