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In the Wotjoballuk tribe private quarrels were settled on the
spot by the parties. If their anger was very hot , possibly in the camp,
otherwise in the open near it. Each man would be armed withthe weapon
called by them Li-au-will, the Liangal if the Woeworung, and they would
fight till blood was drawn and their anger appeased, the friends standing
round would interfere if it seemed likely that their man would be injured or
killed. After the combat if they still remained at varyance some
woman, such as the mother or sister of one of them would go to them and
reason with and persuade them to be friends.

When some serious offence occurred and the offender belonged
to some one of the other local divisions, the custom was to send a
messenger (wirr'ugir), call on him to come forward and undergo punish-
ment. In such a case if he were a man of consequence, or if the affair
caused much feeling among the people, all the totemites of each of the
men assembled, under their respective Headmen at theplace agreed on.

Such a case ocurred in the Mukjarawaint tribe, and was reported
to me by a man whose brother and maternal grandfather, had for
some matter of personal offence, killed a man of the Black snake

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