Among the Coast Murring, there was the same practice of
expiatory ordeals, as among the othertribes, whhich I have mentioned, and
the old men preferred this to armed parties being sent out to
exact blood revenge in afeud. but (this was often done by)(crossed out) by the kind-
dred of the deceased (??????) lying in wait for the suspected person and killing
him when out hunting alone. This naturally led to reprisals, and this to
complications such as those which caused the great blood feud in the Kurnai tribe.

An instance is known to me of one of the expiatory meetings
in the Yuin tribe, in consequence of a Moruya man being killed by a
man from Bodalla, but i am not aware whether the death was by violence,
or by majic. The Bodalla Gommera sent a Jirri (messemger), to the Moruya
man, to tell him he must come to a certain place and stand out. meanwhile
the Bodalla men were preparing their spears and heating their boomerangs in
hot ashes to make them tough. At the time fixed the man appeared armed
with two shields. As he was charged with (??????) he had to stand out
alone, but if he had benn charged with only injuring some one, or with

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