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a Dairgo man, and Flannae speared him.. We let him lie there and did not
eat his skin because he was a Kurnai man like ourselves. (p ). As he was
a friend of the Braiaka we went up to the Heart)I), to look for them. We
found anumber of Dairgo, Braiaka, and Brataua there and we found them,
but we were beaten because they had guns as well as spears, and were
helped by two black police, and one police trooper. We ran away and left
every thing behind us, our blankets and clothes taking only ou spears
with us. We had left our women near the Lakes Entrance at Metung,
where the wild dog turned the Kurnai into stone. Our enemies and the police
followed us up as far as Lake Tyers, but they could not cross and so we
escaped. For a long time we were quiet, but at last we went up to Maneroo
to get the Brajerak (p ), to come down and help us. By this time the white
men had brought so many Brajerak from Maneroo , and Omeo. with them
into Gippsland, that we and they had become friendly. So we got the Maneroo
men to promise to help us and with them went round the mountains into
Omeo. There we got Nukong (p ), also to help us, and we left our women there,
Nukong sent lewin (messengers), to the men at Ovens River and Mt.Buffaloe
to send help, and it was arranged that we should meet them at Kut-
(p ), that is Bushy Park station. Then we went down by way of
Dairgo but found no one there. At Bushy Park the men from the Ovens River
and Mt.Buffaloe met us. We had gone there to get some food and to see some
of the Brabralung from Wuk-Wuk (p ), who were living there pretending to
be friendly with the Braiakalung and the Dairgo men. There could not have
been less than tweo hundred of us, at least the white men there so counted us

(I) The name of a stsation property near Sale, where when first occupied,
the shape of a heart was found cut in the ground.
(2) The Kurnai had a belief that the Dingo sometimes speaks in their
language, and that any one hearing this is turned into stone. The narrator
refers to a belief that at Metung, a camp of Kurnai were literally petri-
fied by having one of their tamed Dingos say "you are eating fish and
have not given me any". A Kurnai man once told me that when a boy, he
was out hunting with his father, and heard one word "bring", that is bone, when he and his father
both ran off as fast as they could, and this aved their lives.
(3). Brajerak see p
(4) Nukong see p
(5) Wuk-Wuk see p

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