On the morning on which we were to fight, we were all ready,
and were painted with pipeclay, because we were very angry at our two
men being killed, and also to frighten our enemies. These were
painted with redochre (naial), vbecause they had killed our men. We were
seated in a long row withour spears on the ground ready. Our women were
in front beating their 'possum rugs. Nukong was at one end just behinf
our row. Bruthen-munji was standing at the other end of the row just be
hind me. It was about noon. He looked up at the sun and said "We will eat
first". The enemy were not in sight but were not far off. Then a Brabralung
man came to us, he was a messenger, and was snt to us, but we
knew him and he was our friend, and the husband of Old Nanny (p ). He said
"there are not many of you". [Bruthen-munji]] replied "Nevermind how many,
we will see". He then ordered the women to go back out of danger. he made
a great speech. he told us that we would beat them. Then we fought and
when Billy the Bull's father speared a Kutbun-taura man they ran away.
There was a running fight as they ran off and left all their things behind
them. Bye and bye I shot one man and others were spared. Several of their
women were caught. Some of the Brabralung young men from Swan Reach
ran down a Brt-britta woman. They could n ot however keep her because they
were too near to her, like brother and sister, and as she wanted to have
me her Breppa-mungan (p ), gave her to me. He could do this because she
had been caught in a fight, and was not a young girl. This was how I got
my first wife from Brt-britta".

This must have been about fifteen years after the settlement of
Gippsland, and a little more than fifteen years after that time, it was
that Bunda-waal gave me this account. During that time the old men of the
tribe had mostly died off and the tribe was almost broken up.

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