if by his skill in defence, or by good fortune he still is uninjured,
by gujerung, kulluk, or kurning (I) (???) If it is a case in which the Wait-jurk is
also armed with spears, he may throw them, or he may throw back those weapons
of his adversaries, but it is seldom that he has the chance of doing so
if his adversaries are numerous. When he has been disabled his friends
will almost certainly interfere, or if he has had enough, and gives in he may
run to them for protection. It not infrequently happens that in such a
cases the Nungi-nungit became a general combat in which
men and women of both sides fought furiously. In such fights a
woman was no always at a disadvantage, against a manarmed with a
club and shield, for an active woman armed with her Yamstick, is as formi-
able an ooponent, as a man with a quarter staff, and she uses it much in the
same manner.

When the Nungi-nungit has ended either by the single ordeal
of the Wait-jurkor by a general fight, the matter is set at rest, and
friendly relations are restored. There is a great difference between
such legalised fights as the Nungi-nungit and such cases as those where
in (??) the prosecution of blood feuds without these ceremonies,

The shields were paintedas shown in the subjoined plate, The
shields used were either the Bamaruk that is one for turning aside the
spears or the (?) which is used in club fighting. The latter are
shown in the hands of the teo Kurnai who are represented in the act of
engaging in one of the individual ordeals for some offence.

A good instance of the Nungi-nungit was one where the man
Bunbra, otherwise Jetbolan, (p ) was the defendant, and which occured
about eh year 1850.

A brother of the Tulaha before mentioned, awoke in the night and
observed that Bunbra was standing over him, who said that he had come for
some fire. The next day the former fell sick and told his friends that
Bunbra had "caught him" that is he had placed smoe magical spell on
him. By and bye he died, and his male kindred sent a message to Bunbra
desiring him to come to a Nungi-nungit. At the time and place appointed
he dult appeared accompanied by many of his clan the Tatungalung,

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