and also of the Krauatungalung, who were their friends. (p ).

The meeting was held on the Tambo River, between Swan Reach
and Lake King. the two parties faced each other at a little distance, in
the manner describes, and Bunbra had two shields for his defecne, one
for use and the other as a reserve. the other sdie were armed with clubs
and boomerangs, both for throwing. It may be mentioned that the latter, used
in these ordeals, are not carved ones which return to the thrower
but these the blades of which lie all in the same plane, and thus do
not return. They are used for fighting, and are capable of inflicting terible
wounds. The proceedings commenced by Bunbra saying "I want to tell you
that I did not hurt that poor fellow". The reply was "You musr fight"
Boomerangs were then thrown at him, as my informant said "Like a flight
of parrots". Bunbra dodged or successfully warded them off. At last a kun-
nin was thrown which passed through his thigh, but which he drew out and
flung back at his assailants. the women then rushed in between the two
parties and stopped the fight, and the feud was at an end.

Other instance of the Nungi-nungit are the following. The
before mentioned Tulaba carried off a woman from the Snowy River, for his
wife. A messenger was sent to him by the offended husband and his kindred calling on him to come forward and "stand
out". the meeting took place at Nibbor Island where the Nicholson
comes Jones Bay. This was at so much later date than the Nungi-nungit
in which Bunbra was the defendant, that he was one of the older men who
had to decide on the number of spears and boomerangs to be thrown at him for his offence.
The offended party stood in a row opposite Tulaba, and threw their boom
erangs at him, which he successfully dodged or warded off. Then one of
the Snowy River men ran in and stopped the fight saying that Tulaba had
already fought with him over this matter and that it was enough, this topped
the fight.

About the same time or a little later, a young man called
Brownie of the Brataua tribe ran off with agirl from the Tarra River, and
as was usual in these marriages by elopement, in that district, the
young couple went to Snake Island and there remained fo some time.

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