having used Joias that is magical charms, with out actually killing the person, he
wouldhave been allowed to have a friend to help him. His friends with
their Gommera, stood at one side a little out of spear range, while the
(Moruya]] men and their Gommera, stood at one side of thefriends
of the dead man.

It having been arranged now many of the dead man's fathers and brothers (?) tribe (I)
should attack the defendant, the Gommera then told them what to do, and
they went forwards towards the Bodalla man, who stood alone expecting
them. At about thirty yards distance from him they halted for a short
time to give him time to prepare himself for defence, then standing in a
line facing him, they threw their boomerange anf then their spears
at hime. he beig wounded, his Gommera shouted out "Jin-ail" that is "Enough"
and they ceased. No furhter action was taken in this matter, blood having
been taken.

In certain cases the Gommera took action to punish
offences, directly. If a man was in the habit of "catching" people by
evil magic (Joia), the Gommera might say to his young men " That man is very
bad, he is catching people with Joia, you must kill him" He is then surrounded at some
convenient place and killed. Umbara in speaking of this said that he
had seen sucha aman after he had been killed look like a (?)
(Echidna histrix). If a man killed another of his own local group of the
tribe, or if a man revealed the bull-roarer to a woman, or any of the
secrets of the Kuringal, he was killed by the order of the Gommera. In
such cases there was no expiatiory meeting, even when, as has
within the knowledge of my Yuin friends, one of the culprits
own kindred was among those who carried out the Gommeras orders.
Nor was there any expiation when a man killed one who had murdered
his kinsman, being of the same local group.

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