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or of a T

B for which the term "[totem]" is appropriate:
But since their sum = A + B I need not
take them into account at present. They will
come in future in:
if we have called
This is called by Dr Lorimer Fison and myself
the social organization.

The community is also divided geographically into
a number of Hordes say X - Y - Z &tc we take three
for the sake if convenience. There may be many

This we have called the local organization
X is made up of individuals belonging to A and
of others belonging to B; so is Y. and so is Z.

The children of the Horde belong to the Horde
eg. the children of X males are of X Horde and
so forth.

But since A (male) must marry B (female)
and [crossed out - in the tribes in case taken as an illus] with descent in the female line - the
son of XA is XB. In other words the son is of
the fathers Horde but of the mothers class and
totem - of the local divisiion to which the father
belongs but of the mothers social division.

In certain tribes while the organization in
clans, subclans and totems remains the same [there - crossed out]
there has been a change in [the - crossed out] descent to the
male line. This has the effect of [realigning?] the
[to- crossed out] classes and totems. It belongs to a phase of the
social advance to which I have referred and which
I shall explain and discuss elsewhere. It is not
necessary to do more [here - crossed out] here other than to note that such
was the case.

Frequently we find the hordes where exogamous
as well as the social divisions or in the extreme
cases where the social organization has broken down
as in the Woëworung tribe --

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