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Yorke Peninsula in South Australia between the
Spencer's Spencers Gulf & the Vincents Gulfs Vincent's Gulf was once occupied by a tribe which
called chief Adja-dūra meaning

[?] with many of the coast tribes its organization differed
considerably [crossed out - in] from that of the [crossed out - two class] tribes of which the Dieri
is the type and [crossed out - which] where two classes Materi and Kararu
extended southwards from Lake Eyre following the [crossed out - hill]
[crossed out - country to] Flinders Range to the head of Spencers Gulf and
thence following the western shore of the Gulf of the Vincent. to
Port Lincoln (1). The adjadūra had four classes which [(1) quote]
in fact were major totems [crossed out - Kari] each with a group of [?] totems
and each major totem inhabited one of the four [word crossed out] districts
into which Yorke Peninsula was initially divided. The only
restriction upon marriage depended upon nearness of
Kinship [according?] to their (classification) system. Nor was there any
restriction based upon locality as was the case with the Kurnai who
[prevent?] mentioned. This remarkable exceptionto the almost universal
primitive tribes of [?] tribes was insisted upon firmly by the old men any
whom were two who [two words crossed out] were probably [word crossed out] looked over 70 years of age
in 18 - ? and who it was spoke of times being before the advent
of white people in their country. [three words crossed out] The exceptional development
of the class system was also connected with the descent of the
totem names in the male line. [Six words crossed out] It seems to be the case
as explained in # - that the social organization of coast tribes has been in very
many instances peculiar and much frequent [tending?] totems [?] [?]
ultimate result namely the breaking down of the class system, [2 words crossed out] and
of group marriage, the establishment of individual marriage and male descent
and when the [Crossed out totem] class or totems have survived the localization of these
in [crossed out - themarrriage in which they ? ?] separate [?]. The [subject?] tribe
[crossed out - briefly] [?] shows the [crossed out - class] [?] organization of this tribe

[Table with 3 columns]
[Column headings] Classes; Totems; Districts
Column Class: Kari = Emu;
Column 2 Totems: [Miduaga?] = Swallow, Lark - Waldaru; Polára = mullet; Waltha = [?] turtles; Mŭrtū = Magpie Kŭdli; [wiuta?] = mopoke [doj?]
Column 3 Districts: Kŭrnara; the northern part of the Peninsular
south of Wallaroo, Kadina & [?]

Column 1 Classes: Waui = Red Kangaroo
Column 2 Totems: All the totems - together
with the major totem
are coastal

Column 1 Classes: [Wiltu?] = Eaglehawk:
Column 2 Totems: Wortu = wombats; [Wueda?] = wallaby; [Nantri?] = Kangaroo; [Mūlta?] = Seal; Gūa = crow
Column 3 Districts: Wari; Western half of coastal part of peninsular

Column 1 Classes: [Wilithiethu?] = shark
Column 2 Totems: [Snai?] = wild goose; [Willi?] = Pelican; [Kangbŭra?] = Butter fish; [Manditu?] = Stingray; [Walaltu?] = Whiting
Column 3 Districts: Dilpa
The extreme southern part of the peninsular

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