It might however be correct to consider the Wakelbura as
a sub tribe of a much larger tribe, [?] spread over a wide extent
of country lying in the head waters of the Belyando River, the Thompson River
and of some [confluents?[ of the Mackenzie River Rivers. The [component?] tribes
or subtribes or Hordes which comprise the larger aggregate adjoining the
Wakelbura and speak dialects of the same language, intermarry
with it and have generally friendly relations with it and with
each other. The group maybe [crossed out - this given] [??], in addition to the Wakelbura

1 Kŭmbŭkabura [underlined] from Kŭmbŭka the broad leaved Ironbark tree. From the Belyando River westward across the sources of the Thompson River.

2 [Uran bura?] [underlined] from [Owan?] = a young Emu, - on the Upper Belyando River

3 Dora-bura [underlined] from Doro = the roots of a tree. About the junction of the
Belyando and Sutter River Rivers.

4. Mūtherabura [underlined] from Wūthera = a grub formed in the Brigalow tree (1)

[Left hand margin note]
(1) Acacia
[Fn m.]
A. [?] [?] A. aneura
all [?] except T.& W.G.
A. glaucescens [Will?]
mountain Brigalow.
V. or [w?] Q


In the years 1883-1886 this tribe changed its name to Waralabura
from waral = boat. The change was made because the owners of the Run
put a fine boat on a large lagoon near the Homestead and then
called itself after this boat. It sems therefore that any unusual circumstance
may cause a change in the tribal name.

5 Mŭngki bura [underlined] from mungki the word used by them for "sheep" .
[2 words crossed out] Natal Downs and about the Cape River

Adjoining these there are other tribes related to them. The
Mūtobura adjoining the Kumbukabura on the [crossed out - best] sources
of the Thompson River to the west. The Tilbabura, who became
extinct about ten years [crossed out - ago] or more ago adjoined the Owanbura
to the South west, and between the Tilbabura and the
[Mūtabura?] were the [Terrabura]] whom is now also extinct.

6 The Bithel bura once adjoined the the Wakelbura and
Owanbura to the East but have long been extinct, and
the Owanbura have taken up their country. Beyond the
[Mungkebura?] are the [Branbura?] who are again adjoining the
[Brigabura?] at the junction of the Belyando and Burdekin River

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This page is about Queensland tribes


The Thomson River is a perennial river that forms part of the Lake Eyre Basin, situated in the central west and western regions of Queensland, Australia.

Broad leafed Ironbark - Eucalyptus fibrosa


The property is situated approximately 110 kilometres (68 mi) south of Charters Towers and 205 kilometres (127 mi) west of Collinsville. It adjoins Longton and Narellan Stations along the Cape River.


Cape River - south east of Charters Towers


Cape River not south east but south west of Charters Towers


A. harpophylla - Acacia harpophylla - brigalow, brigalow spearwood or orkor is found in central and coastal Queensland
Acacia glaucescens - Coast Myall , Rosewood Wattle , syn. Acacia binervia. Victoria or NSW
Acacia aneura - mulga or true mulga


Acacia harpophylla [Fn m.] may be Ferdinand Mueller who named this species
Acacia glaucescens Willd. after the German botanist Johann Christoph Wendland who first described this species as Mimosa binervia in 1798.