To the Eastward of the Muthabura and
[Būtrebura?] were the [Babutybura?].

The strength of the connecting bond between these tribes
as also between them and more distant tribes maybe
estimated from the following particulars.

They all together with some other tribes which have been
omitted attend at the same Bora. But the more
distant as for instance the [Muthabura?] from the Upper
Thomson River did not come to the ceremonies in the
Wakelbura country in a body, nor do the Yangiburas
a still more distant tribe near Aramac. A few [crossed out - came]
accompanying the [Kumbuthabura?] and when the [Wakelbura?]
go to Muthabura or [Yanpbura?] ceremonies
it is [?] a few of them who do so in company with the
[?aubura?] or Kumbuthabura.

The same applies to all the distant tribes who have
some relation to the Wakelbura and [word crossed out] unites them .

The nearest tribes came in a body together. The more
distant tribes were represented by a few members who
accompany some other tribes.\

Similarly the [Kūin-mŭr-bŭra?] tribe who inhabited
the Peninsular between Broadsound and Shoalwater Bay
in Queensland are [?] in at least meeting other tribes
all occupying adjacent country. The Kūin members
speak of all these as their "mates" but say that
the "Rockhampton Blacks" are of another country.

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The Southern Queensland the "Chépara" tribe
occupied a tract of country in the coast extending from
near Brisbane to the New South Wales boundary.

The name Chépara means "the Coast '. It was divided
into the following clans.

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(n ch. as in Charles)

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* This case is a good example of the
manner how vast tracts of country
are parcelled out among related tribes
just as the country of any one
tribe is parcelled out among its
[?] divisions. It is often
in such cases most difficult
to [?] it is a large
tribe or a group of sub-tribes
or Hordes.

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Aramac is located 1138 km north-west from Brisbane, 646 km west of Rockhampton and 67 km north of Barcaldine


Broadsound - near Carmila QLD