MūlgūnKa būl tū - occupying thr Pimpama District
Mūna dali - the head of the Albert River
Kŭte-būl - the head of the Logan River
[Yŭn-gūr-pau? or -paw?] - Coomera and Nerang
Bir-in - the Tweed River
Būr-gin-meri - Cleveland District
Cher-man-pŭra - Coast District

These names are derived from localities, for instance
Chepara means the coast, MūlgūnKa būl tū means
the neighbourhood of the mountains. The other names are
derived from natural objects such as scrubs, trees &c.

The Chepara had a tradition that at one time
the tribe was not divided into the above clans but that
in consequence of interna; wars fighting quarrels [one above the other and underlined] it became split up
into clans of which the Chepara was considered to be the

The clans were divided up into lesser groups each
with a distinctive name and a definitie tract of country.

[Above text has line under it]

The country within a radius of 50 miles from
Maryborough in Queenslandis/was occupied by [crossed out - a] tribes
[crossed out - which were] which were comprised of groups of related people
occupying certain tracts of country. The smaller groups
are little more than an undivided family comprised of
several levels in a generation, for [?] grand parents,
parents and children; [crossed out - such occupying a piece of country]
[crossed out - of some ten miles radius]. A number of such family related to
each other hunt over [underlined] and occupy [underlined] a tract of country
of some 10 miles radius. The whole of the community
[crossed out - thus occupying] which occupy the tribal country in this manner, and attend
the Bora ceremonies, covers the tract of the coast country
above mentioned.

[Left hand margin note - Bóra]

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Pimpama - a suburb in the northern part of the City of Gold Coast and located on the Pacific Motorway 30 kilometres north of Surfers Paradise. Founded 1860.

Albert River - a perennial river located in the South East region of Queensland, Australia. Its catchment lies within the Gold Coast and Scenic Rim Region.

Logan River - a perennial river located in the Scenic Rim, Logan and Gold Coast local government areas of the South East region of Queensland.

Coomera (Gold Coast) comes from the Yugambeh word kumera, a species of wattle.