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The Kurnai Tribes (continued)
Row 1
Column 1 - Clans
(4) Bra-tana-lŭng claimed all their
country from the Latrobe River to near
Cape Lip Trap (where it joined the
country of the Būnworung tribe of the
Western Port district & also from the
Southern watershed of the Latrobe River
to the sea coast.

Column 2 - Lesser divsions
(o) Kŭt-wŭt - the Tyers River
flowing into the Corner Inlet.
(p) Yau-ŭng - Warrigal Creek South Gippsland
(q) Orelin - Merrimans Creek
South gippsland

Row 1 Column 3 Wives from
(o) - m
(p) - n
(q) - p.i.t
Row 1
Column 4 Wives to
(o) m
(p) - n.q
(q) p

Row 2
Column 1 - Clans
(5) Tatŭn-galŭng from Tat - South
aln = Sea. All the country west of
the Kranatun Kurnai (1) and
east of the Bratana [or Bralana?] Kurnai (4)
and lying between the Gippsland
Lakes, excepting Flannagan Island
which belonged to the Bit-Brita division
of the Kranalungalung clan.-

Row 2
Column 2 - Lesser divsions
(r) Yūnthŭr - adjoining and east of (q)
(s) Ngara wŭt [Ngara wŭt?], the south
side of Lake Victoria
(t) Bina-jera - the long strip of sandy and
swampy country lying between
the Gippsland Lakes & the sea
(Baulbaul) as far as the Entrance
to the Lakes -

Row 2
Column 3 - Wives from
(r) - m
(s) - e.m.q.t
(t) - d.e.f.g

Row 2
Column 4 - Wives to
(r) - m
(s) - e.m.t
(t) - d.g

This information might have been made far more complete so far as relates to the lesser divisions, that is the smaller groups
of Kurnai which formes any one of the lesser divisions of the clans.

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Flannagan Island in Gippsland Lakes. "Along the way to the Barrier Landing, via Reeve and Rigby Channels, you'll pass three islands. The first, Flannagan Island, has a population of goats." The second is Fraser Island.

Warrigal Creek - Licola upstream and flows into Glenmaggie reservoir
Merrim may be Neerim