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O of A.T. 7

River and were called [Kutbriu-taura?] or
Carriers of 'fire' their country being also so named -
the prefix "Wurk" = 'carried' being understood.
For instance the Brabra clan [underlined] munji subdivision
[crossed out - The large secondary] was [crossed out - again] divided and

[left margin note - the BraBra clan inserted after secondary]

subdivided, each section occupying its own tract
of hunting and food ground until the unit [crossed out - of this]
[crossed out - local organization] was a small group of
kindred - frequently merely an old man with his married
or unmarried sons; the wives and grandchildren.

Such an instance was that of the Bunjil-baul
or men of the Island a small family which lived
on Raymond Island in Lake King and which claimed
all the swans eggs laid on that island as their own and
exclusive property. The males of this family also -
inherited the name of ---- or in English was -----
------, evidently a survival of a onetime totem.
[5 lines crossed out ]

[Left hand margin note - Insert after Adja-dūra tribe]

[Crossed out - Bruthen coast tribe] I might refer to every coast tribe
from the Adjadura far up into Queensland of which
I have information as examples of these [crossed out - which and may term]
the [crossed out - abnormal] same kind of social and local development.
But it may suffice to give two more instances which are
stretching examples of the direction which this development
of the local [crossed out - organization] at the expense of the social organization
has taken place.

I have already mentioned the Woeworung tribe of the Yarra
and again take them as an instance.
Here we find the old two class system existing under the
familiar names Eaglehawk (Bunjil) and crow (waang).
but the of [crossed out - the] totems there was only one named Thar)
(Eaglehawk?). All others if they ever existed had died out -
and that these were totems at one time maybe inferred not only from

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