[crossed out - there] on the Wimmera River in north western Victoria there
was a tribe which called itself Wotjo-Ballŭk - from Wotjo = man
and Ballŭk = a number of people. The tribal country
extended from the northern Grampian Mountains northward
as far as the waters of the Wimmera and [?] could
find them way into the Mallee country

This country was occupied by five large Hordes (descent being
in the female line) named [?] or [under/order?]

(1) the Gromil-ŭk at Lake Hindmash
(2) the Ya-kil-Ballŭk at Lake Albacutya
(3) the [Krietch?] Ballŭk about Dimboola
(4) the Wiech-wŭndaiŭk about Warraknabeal
(5) the Yarik-Kilŭk at Lake Coorong

These Hordes were as in other tribes again divided
into lesser groups.

[Crossed out - ? tribes although it retained]
The [nujnbirūj?] tribes were all organized in the same
manner into tribal groups.

Between Cape Howe and Shoalhaven in the
South coast of New South Wales were the "Murring"
which was the general name for the aborigines who then
formed two tribes respectively named Gūyau-gal and
[Katungal - crossed out] Karial from the words guya = south and
Karū = north and the possessive suffix gal = belonging to or of

The inland extent of their country included the
[mountains to - crossed out] from [?projections?] and mountainous slopes from the Maneroo Tablelands
and [the- crossed out] Braidwood [country - crossed out]. In fact their territory may be
perhaps defined as well as in any other manner by defining it
as embracing the watershed of the rivers from Mallagoota inlet
to the Shoalhaven River.

The [?] table will shoow the local
divisions of this tribe and I have added to it also

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North west Victoria and Shoalhaven
Cape Howe regions