[Crossed out - The Social Organization]
[Crossed out lines 1-3 - This is founded and indeed has been developed
out of the division of the community into two moieties
for which we have used the term classes (+)]

In two tribes very far apart from each other not only
in geographical situation but also in their customs [crossed out - have]
we have found [crossed out - a] legends purporting to explain how,
their division of the tribe came about. The Dieri legend
is that "after the creation, brothers, sisters and others of their
closest kin intermarried [promiscuously?] until - the evil
effects of these alliances becoming manifest, a council of the
chiefs was assembled to consider in which way they might be
averted, the result of their deliberations being a petition to the
mura mura (good spirit) in answer to which he ordered
that the tribe should be divided into branches and
distinguished one from another but different names after
objects animate and inanimate such as dogs, mice,
emu, rain, iguana and so forth; the members of any such
branch not to inter marry, but with permission from one branch
to mingle with another. Thus the son of a dog might not
marry the daughter of a dog, but either might might form an alliance
with a mouse, rat or other family." (1)

[Left mergin note]
(1) K and K - p 25
para. The Dieyeri Tribe
p 13. cin/within [?]
South Australia 1874 -

The other legend we found to belong to the
Woeworung of Victoria (2) and it states that "at first
all the perople married without any restriction until two
medicine men went up to the sky and consulted Bunjil
the great supernatural being who [crossed out - they] the Woewurung believed [ordered?] them
who ordered that 'Bunjil (Eaglehawk) shall be on this side and
Waaug/Waang (crow) shall be on that [crossed out - the other] side and Bunjil
shall marry Waaug/Waang and Waaug/Waang shall marry with Bunjil
but no one shall marry one of the same name.

[Left margin note]
(2) see list of tribe at p.-

For Waaug/waang - Is this Wa-ang?

These legends are of no value in authority as
history or as to [transmitting?] [crossed out - by which] the [actual?] matter in which

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Dieri legend for origin of classes


Woewurung (Victoria) legend for origin of classes