[written in left side margin]
Would it not be
well to explain
here how influential
men might persuade
the tribe that it
was a divine command?

the [separation?] of the original tribal community came
about but they are good evidence of the belief of the
aborigines that this universal basis of the social organization
was brought about of intuition and that it was the [sanction?] [crossed out - was guarded]
of a supernatural command.* Thus such an initial
explanation should be formed in teo tribes so far distant
from each other maybe accepted as an indication of [crossed out - these]
widespread beliefs in the supernatural origin of [crossed out - the] a [crossed out - same]
practice which is universal all over Australia. [crossed out - in all Australian tribes]

In order to bring into sight and under observation
the clan divisions, with their subdivisions and totems, and
to consider [crossed out - then] not only these in their bearing upon [crossed out - the] abrupt
[secret?] but also the process of oral development which they are
evidence of, it will be necessary to tabulate a number
of cases [?] from such a number of localities in Australia
as will enable the reader to use a fairly representative
practice of the whole.

The first [crossed out - tribe to be] was [?] tribe taken is not of these
Lake Eyre tribes as represented by the Dieri.

[Table title] Class system of the Dieri tribe [all underlined]
[one column in left margin plus two columns]
Column 1] By Mr Sebert [underlined]
[Row 1] [all names bracketed together] Kararu
oroma - carpet snake
Kanacka - crow'Puralko - [?] [?]
Karker - red [ochre?]
Tidnamara - Frog?
[Melki tijil pario?]Kalaoiri

[Column 2 Class division classes
[Row 1] illateri

[Column 3] Totem called by the Dieri Murdu
[Row 1]
Padi-calu - Kŭritiyeri - a [?] ant. Junanaru - native cat
Matura - cormorant. Marparu - ?
Karaura - Eaglehawk - Kūrapura (bone fish)
Markara - mullet - Warūguti = Emu
Pūnta - mouse, Kūtaba - dog,, maiaru - rat, Pitcheri - Duboisia hopwoodii
Kudni - lizard - Wilyaru - a small bird, palyaru the
long nosed rat.

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Dieri totems that are coastal birds and fish

Pitcheri - The pituri story: a review of the historical literature surrounding traditional Australian Aboriginal use of nicotine in Central Australia in J Ethnobiol Ethnomed. 2010; 6: 26 at

Pitcheri - Duboisia hopwoodii


Mulga - Acacia aneura


Mulga - Acacia aneura