was divided. [crossed out - As to this marriage rule]
Each class was = [crossed out - even perhaps] now = exogamic and [two words crossed out] intermarried with any
of the three other classes. The old men of the tribe were
quite clear as to this and the oldest of them who was apparently
about 70 years of age insisted that it was so in his youth.
He was Wiltu - Wortu (Eaglehawk-wambit) and his wife was of the
same class and totem. The following table affords some evidence
in support of this [exceptional?] [?]. South Australia was settled
in 1804, [crossed out - that is after] and of these men one was [crossed out - who had [?] of them] [crossed out - being] born before
that time and the others of a [?] years later [crossed out -[?] after and] are therefore competent to [?] of these old [clans?]
under which their grand parents & great grand parents lived and
to which still [control?] in force long after the [?] of the [council?] and under
even still govern the remnants of the tribe in spite of the
missing influence in that district.

[Left margin note] Where was [2 words crossed out]
SA [suited? or situated?]
1834 not until
[18??] tribal [Gov.?] arrived.

[Table -4 columns]
Name - Clan - Married - Children are
King Tom aged 60 - Kari - Wietu - Kari
His father - Kari - Kari? - Kari
His grandfather - Kari - Wiltu - Kari
Corporal Joe (50) - Wilthutha - Kari - Wilthutha
His father - Wilthutha - Wilthutha - Wilthutha
?Harry Richards (45) - Kari - Kari - Kari
His father - Kari - Kari - Kari
His grandfather - Kari - Kari - Kari
[Underlined end of Table]

The only restriction upon marriage therefore depended
upon nearness of Kinship [crossed out - kindred], and descent [crossed out - was] of the these class names
was from father to child and [not as?] with the tribes of the
Materi-Kararu classes from mother to child.

The Kindred who were forbidden to marry were (ii brother and sister
and this as [?] explained in the chapter relationship
the classificating & explain of Relationships includes the children
of two brothers (clan or tribal) and of two sisters (clan or tribal),
But the children of these were sometimes permitted to marry,

Notes and Questions

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Name of person giving information
Wiltu - Wortu (Eaglehawk-wambit)


Marriage relationships for
King Tom, Corporal Joe, Harry Richards


Materi-emu, Kararu-cormorant


In Native Tribes of Southeast Australia, Chapter V, Marriage Rules, Howitt gives different ages for
Corporal Joe (60) and has included the old man (70).