It is well [crossed out - now] to notice that we have now -crossed out - be] found
two forms of the two class system which are only distinguishable
from each other by the different names of the two classes and
the exception just noted as to totem marriage, which for the
present may be disregarded. The area occupied by tribes of which
the Dieri is the type is ------ miles by -------- miles; and that represented
by the Wilya and other pther tribes is ------- miles by ------- miles.

On the border between these two [crossed out - organizations] great
groups of tribes for which the term "nation" may be even applied
the tribes meet as for instance the Yautruwunta and the
Wilya although their languages differ so much as to have
given [?] to [asigning?] which I heard among the Yantru wunta
that the people to the South East were so stupid as to call (4)
a snake "fire". This refered to the word tūrū which in the
Yantruwunta language means "fire" and in the Wilya means "carpet snake".

[Left margin note]
I heard an old Irishman
tell a German that his
people were void of
intelligence, because they
called a Coat a "Rock".
"Very ignorant people". he said.

But it is quite clear that the organization in
classes is the same under different names and the
identity is recognized as I shall ahow later on by these
tribes of either group which adjoin each other.

Proceeding now from the most Southern extension
of the Mukurra & Kilpara classes in the Murray River, say
at Wentworth, we find where the country of the Wembaio
tribe of the River Murray ends in the great mallee scrub
to the south that there then commences the country of and to the S
tribe, named the Wotjoballuk who occupied the Wimmera
and Richardson Rivers and [crossed out - their source?] the northern slopes
of the Grampian Mountains. The local groups into which
this tribe includes are given as [?].

The clan system of this tribe [crossed out - is extended] is of [crossed out - this] two
classes with totems and it may be taken as representing
tribes spread over Victoria [crossed out - from about [?]] as far East
as a line drawn from Maryborough to Colac and
next to at least as far as Rivolo Bay in South Australia [crossed out - boundary] - [word crossed out]
to a line extending through [crossed out -from Mt Gambier] to the Murray River, (1)

[Left margin note]
(1) see K & K a to
Mt Ganbier water
also see Buanded [?]
& Mr Smith

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Dieri mentioned and on previous page


Rivolo Bay = Rivoli Bay, near Beachport, SA