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Is this indicative
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In the class system there are familiar and yet also
strange [crossed out - peculiar] features. The two class system is there with related
totems called by the Wotjōballuk "mir". My principal Wotjōballuk informant, an old man
who had seen his tribal country occupied by the white man, said
in speaking of the classes Gamutch and Krokitch, that when he
went to the River Murray into the country of the Tati-tati tribe (1)
he was told that being Krokitch he was also Kilpara and that Gamutch
was the same as muk wara. The same statement as to the
equivalence of the [crossed out - totems] classes was also made to me by a man and
his wife of the Wembaio tribe as well as by others of the Wotjoballuk.

But the new features are very numerous secondary totems
attached in groups to the totems of Krokitch and Gamutch respectively.

It seems as if the ordinary totems of the two class systems had
advanced into the [?positions?] of sub-classes but the marriage law of the
two class system still maintains. A Krokitch of whatever totems may
take as a wife any Gamutch girl of any of the totems of that class,
always [?] that there is no disability arising out of nearness of Kin.

A peculiarity [crossed out - of] in these totems which I have not found [?]
is that some of them have a [crossed out - second ?] [synonym?]. For instance, Ngaui-na-gŭli
has a second name Gartchuka which one of my informants
a Ngaui man claimed as a second name of his 'mir', the fact
that both Ngaui and Gartchuka were his "names". [crossed out - mir (totem)]. But he further
said that Ngaui was especially his name and that Gartchuka "came
a little behind it". On the other hand another informant who also
claimed to be both Ngaui and Gartchuka, said that he was especially
Garchuka and that Ngaui came a little after this other name.
Wherein the difference lay I was quite unable to ascertain, but
it seemed to me that Ngaui and Garchuka are in fact very
slightly divergent branches of the same totem. This [suggestioned?] is
I think strengthened by the burial direction which is the same as for both Ngaui & Gartchuka [crossed out- a removal made by each informant is to]
[crossed out - these secondary totems. Krokitch that is] Gamutch-babjanjŭl has also a
second name, which however is more a name than a totem.
Its members are called "[Darau-yau-ŭn-ngau-ŭng]" or " we are
warming ourselves", a name it is said given to them because

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Certain as
[?] [?]
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(1) see Camerons
paper -

Is this indicative
of the evolution of
sub classes?

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Darau-yau-ŭn-ngau-ŭng = darau-yau-ngau-uing in Native Tribes of South East Australia Chapter 3.