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According to the Wobjoballuk the tribes of the Western
District of Victoria were related to them.

The only details recorded as to these tribes will be found in
Mr Jas Dawsons work in the 'Australian Aborigine" (1). He names six
tribes which Extend Eastward to Colac and Cape [sting?] where [crossed out - and]
[crossed out - shall it] commences another aboriginal Nation he mentions next.
[crossed out - The classes] No classes equivalent to the Kroki & Kumite of
Mt Gambier country or the Krokitch & Gamutch of the Wimmera country
are mentioned. The presumption is that for ^competent and experienced an observer
as Mr Dawson has not overlooked them but that these "coast
tribes" have like others to be mentioned hereafter, undergone
several changes which have caused their class systems to be
profoundly modified from the [crossed out - type] primitive type of the two class

Five totems are given and it is said that the two
first and the [crossed out - se] third and fourth form respectively "sister classes"
between which no marriage is permitted, but as the fifth
is not so related it can "marry into any class but its own" (2).

[Bracketed (1) and (2); (3) and (4)]
(1) Kuuro-keetch - long billed cockatoo (3)
(2) Kart-poerappa - Pelican [crossed out Banksian cockatoo]
(3) Koppatch - [crossed out -boa snake] Banksian cockatoo
(4) [Kirtiruk?] - Boa snake (4)
(5) Kuunamite - Quail

"The traditions of the aborigines say that the first progenitor of the
tribes the KujeKur-munja or [tuur?] gt. gt. grandfather
has by descent a [crossed out - Kuur the] Long billed cockatoo who had for a
wife a Banksian cockatoo who is called the "Kuurappa moel" or
first great great grandmother. Their sons and daughters belonged to the class
of their mother. As the law of consanguinity forbade marriage between them
it was necessary to to introduce Wambepeon tuuram "[fresh?] flesh"
which could [crossed out - only] be obtained ^only by marriage with strangers. The sons get
wives from a distance. Their sons again had to do the same and
thus the Pelican, snake and quail classes were introduced (5)
[crossed out - There] The first [crossed out - three] four are totems of the Wotjoballuk & Baundik

The latter is included among the "[?] totems" if I may so term them
in the Buandik tribe.

[Left margin notes]
(1) The Australian aborigine
Melbourne 1881
p. 1.

(+) but see
p 28

(2) p 26

(3) cockatoo
white cockatoo?
Gamutch ?

(4) Carpet snake

(5) p 27

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Banksian cockatoo = red-tailed black cockatoo