distance of the river Murray where were the northern
boundaries of [crossed out - the River] tribes belonging to another group,
[crossed out - To the eastern] and with the class & totem systems quite
different in type within which I have been describing.

The [crossed out - system of] Woeworung system is clear, a modification of the
two class system [crossed out - of the River & which occured] of the tribes at the
Darling/Darling River & Murray/Murray River Rivers - "Wukwara and Kilpara" - but
the totems are absent all but one. In my mind this
is a case where the totems have died out and the
[crossed out - tribal] myths of Kulin tribes throw some light upon their
past existence.

These myths relate the [doings?] long ago of beings who were
supernatural such as "Bunjil" who is featured in them as [crossed out - having]
being another [principle?], and of other beings who were Animals
and yet human, who took the forms of the Kangaroo, the
wombat, the opossum, the Emu, the crow, the spiny anteater
[crossed out - any] many another [crossed out - yet] [??] moopoke as human being, that
is big as [crossed out - these] aborigines themselves would (1). Some principal
actors in these myths are the "Sons of Bunjil", or "[Bunjil's/Bunjil]] young men"
[crossed out - that is] Thara the Quail Hawk, [Dju??yart?] the Nankeen Kestrel, [Dautun ?]
the Blue [mountain Dart?], [YÅ«kyuthy?] Green parakeet, Tadjery the [Numbat?]
Phascologale and [Turuny?] [himself?] the opossum [Wurun?]. Of these Thara
is itself a totem and I cannot [find?] [??], the remainder
were totems also and all of them were the class totems of Bunjil.
But no traces remain of the totems of Waang the crow if [crossed out - it]
[crossed out - be] they are not to be found in the other [Actors?] in there

[Left margin note] (1) are [??] in
Mr. [21A?] - Howit

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