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distance of the River Murray where [crossed out - was] were the northern
boundaries of [crossed out - the River] tribes belonging to another group,
[crossed out - To the eastern] and with the class & totem systems quite
different in type to those which I have been describing.

The [crossed out - system of] Woeworung system is clear, a modification of the
two class system [crossed out - of the River & which occured] of the tribes at the
Darling/Darling River & Murray River - "Wukwara and Kilpara" - but
the totems are absent all but one. In my mind this
is a case where the totems have died out and the
[crossed out - tribal] myths of Kulin tribes throw some light upon their
past existence.

These myths relate the doings long ago of beings who were
supernatural such as "Bunjil" who is pictured in them as [crossed out - having]
being anthropomorphic, and of other beings who were Animals
and yet human, who took the forms of the Kangaroo, the
wombat, the opossum, the Emu, the crow, the spiny anteater
[crossed out - any] many another [crossed out - yet] acted and spoke as human being, that
is [?] a [crossed out - these] aborigines themselves would (1). Some principal
actors in these myths are the "Sons of Bunjil", or "[Bunjil's/Bunjil]] young men"
[crossed out - that is] Thara the Quail Hawk, [Dju??yart?] the Nankeen Kestrel, [Dautun ?]
the Blue Mountain [Dart?], [Yūkyuthy?] Green parakeet, Tadjery the [Numbat?]
Phascologale and [Turuny?] [himself?] the Opossum [Wurun?]. Of these Thara
is still a totem and I cannot find [?], the remainder
were totems also and all of them were the class totems of Bunjil.
But no traces remain of the totems of Waang the crow if [crossed out - it]
[crossed out - be] they are not to be found in the other Actors in these

[Left margin note]
(1) see [Folk Run?] in
Mr. [21A?] - Howit

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