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The laws of marriage in the Kulin tribes were those
of the two class system, [crossed out - But are] were formulated in the
Bunjil legend which I have recorded at p.-. The classes
Bunjil and Waang were exogamous and intermarried, but
descent here was comuted [connected?] in the male line and the
children took the class name of their father and not as in
the tribes which I have so far mentioned through their mother,
At p 9. I have tabulated a number of the Kulin tribes
and it will be seen there from that the class names were
local so that certain clans were all Bunjil while other clans
were all Waang, [crossed out - In] This chapter [crossed out - which] proposes mainly to
describe the [word crossed out -social] broad features of [crossed out - these] tribal and the social organization and
the greater groups of allied tribes which I have designated
nations. It would lead me too far away from my present
objects were I to enter into a discussion of the causes which
may have effected these changes in the clans totems
and in the laws of marriage and descent ^and these interesting
points were to be dealt with in the following chapter.

As the classes were thus respectively segregated into defined
localities and as Bunjil and Waang men had to send their
wives in localities where Waang and Bunjil girls will be
found it is not surprising that there were certain definite
localities which so long exchanged women as wives with [easily?]
[??]. Such an instance will serve as an example of the
whole and I take it from the Wŭrunjeri ballŭk (see table
p 9). which is numbered I. According to my Wŭrunjeri
informant wives were obtainedf by his tribes men from the tribes
living about [Numbud? numbered?] in the table; [crossed out - (7) Ngarak-illum, (9) Ngaruk-illum, Dandenong [crossed out - the Werribe R.], (6) Būnwurrung {//] of [??] [??] [islands?]
(6) [crossed out - two words] [??] Gunung ilum ([?]) Seymour Buthero-balluk (10) The Yea River Waring ilum and some others which I have not
noted, while in return they obtained wives from those localities.

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