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manner in this tribe as did the class restriction in tribes
having class divisions and totems. I have gone more fully
into those subjects in the chapter on “Marriage”, to which
the reader may be referred.

In saying that the Kurnai have totems the exception must
be made of what are properly described as " [crossed out - sex] totems, namely
Djitgůn the [crossed out - Em] Superb warbler ([crossed out - Mala] Malūrus cyaneus) and Yirŭng the
Emu wren (Malachurus stipilurus) the former being the [crossed out - Kaus] "womens
sister" and the latter the "mens brother". These totems do not
however give a name to the individual. No man is called Yerŭng
not any woman Djitgün, But at the Initiation ceremonies of this
tribe there is an important ceremony which I have described in the
chapter Relating to "Initiation" at which Yeerůng is invoked
as the "mans brother" during a whole night by both the men
and the women, the reason why Djitgun is not invoked being that
it is the boys only who are being initiated - the object of that part
of the ceremonies being to send the women to sleep as boys [crossed out - into]
in order that they may wake next morning to the stature of men.

Fights accasionally arise in the Kurnai clans by reason
of the men killing a Superb warbler, or the women killing
an Emu Wren accompanied by insulting jeers and taunts to the
"Sister" or to the "Brother" of the victim as the case might be.

Among the Kulin tribes there were [crossed out -several] also "sex totems" and
of them there were two of each sex. The "mens brothers" were the
Emu wren as among the Kurnai and also the Bat who was Balayan the son of Bunjil
and the womens sister was the Superb warbler and also the Owlet-nightjar. [Naribim?] [gurūk?] [underlined]
With wren tribes also it was common for men or women
to kill the [crossed out - to see] totem of the opposite sex.

Among the Wotjoballŭk the mans brother was the bat, Mŭn-ŭng, [??]
and the womans sister the owlet-nightjar.

[written at the bottom of the page]
Would it be worth while to have a footnote pointing out that the sex-totems
may possibly [possibly underlined] be a survival from the undivided commune?

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see K & K
& [quote?]

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