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[crossed out - In] The Great Dividing Range which to the westward
of the meridian of Melbourne [leaves?] until in Western Victoria
it shows mainly by isolated mountain, on the Eastern side rises
into a great chain [crossed out - of mountains] extending to the north East until
at the boundary of the colony it rises into its greatest elevation
in Mt Kosciusko to the height of 7386 feet above sea level.

The great streams from their mountains form valleys [crossed out - also] through which
flow northwards bound the River Murray to [southwards?] to Bass's Strait.

Tribes such as the Woewurrung claimed the river [crossed out - in which] flowing through
their country as part of their hunting grounds to its source in the mountains
[crossed out - where] to which in summer they [behove?] them selves to hunt. But [crossed out - still]
[crossed out - further than] beyond the sources of the Goulburn and Yarra Rivers
the [crossed out - in] Dividing Range widens out into greater alpine plateas [palteaux]
[crossed out - which] with tracts of grass and herbage and bordered or circled with still
higher rugged mountains. At an elevation of about 5000 ft the
timber ceases and the ultimate great downs and summits are
clustered with an alpine vegetation glorious in summer time with
flowers. [crossed out - So] Such alpine tablelands continue in succession and at
[various?] altitudes from near Woods Point at the sources of the Goulburn and
Macalister Rivers until they terminate in New South Wales in the
tablelands of Kiandra. [crossed out - They] The higher plateaus are in winter covered
deeply with snow but the lower ones such as that of Omeo in Victoria
and Maneroo in New South Wales are habitible all the year round.

[crossed out - In a] On such elevated plateaux were located ^certain tribes which to some
extent formed a nation [while - crossed out] with a community of customs, of Ceremonies
while yet having some connection with the adjacent tribes of the
lower lying [where - crossed out] country. Usually these mountaineers occupied the upper valleys of this region also.
[crossed out - upper valleys of the Rivers. Thus the Theddus tribe which lived] about
[crossed out - three lines that are difficult to read]
They [mitūman?].
lived in the Upper Ovens and Buffalo Rivers and what was claimed
by the Kulin as being Bunjil. In the Southward they intermarried
with the small Dargo [Dursut?] of the Brabralūng clan of the Kurnai
which inhabited a small trail of open country [crossed out - along the] about the junctions
of the Dargo, Wonnangatta and Wentworth Rivers. To the Eastward they
intermarried with the Ngarego tribe which inhabited part of the

[Left margin note]
The [aborigines - crossed out] tribe which inhabited
the Omeo tableland and the Upper
Mitta Mitta & Tambo/Tambo River Rivers
was divided into the Omeo

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