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on such elevated plateaux were located certain tribes where the elevation
was such within the region of perpetual sun during the winter months, as
[crossed out - such was the case with the Omeo tribe]: at Omeo in Victoria and
Maneroo in New South Wales: But even in such cases the mountain
tribes usually occupied some of the higher River valleys which [crossed out - lay among] percolated
the Plateaux from either side, or where the tablelands were inaccessible
during the winter months, [crossed out - in summer] the tribes which claimed them
had their winter quarters in lower lying country.

Thus [crossed out - The Omeo tribe] on the Gippsland side one branch of the Baiaka
clan, the subdivision named Kŭtbŭn-taura or Fire carriers
whose headquarters were on the Avon River [crossed out - at the] in and outside the foothills
bordering the plains, during the summer time ascended the
spur of Mt Wellington where at a height of 5000 ft then reached the
southern edge of [crossed out - the] a Plateau now called the Snowy Plains; which
extended northward between the deep valleys of the Macalister and
Wonnangatta Rivers a distance of _____ miles to the Great Dividing

Similarly from the oppposite side the tribe which occupied the
valley of the [crossed out - Upper Ovens River and of its tributary the]
Buffalo River ascended during the summer, [crossed out - the latter] the
almost isolated Plateau called the Buffalo Mountain, [crossed out - and the]
and was therefore the distant and hostile neighbour of the Braiaka.
[crossed out -former the extensive tableland now known as the Dargo High Plains.]

Beyond [crossed out - these] and still following the Great Dividing Range to
[crossed out - the] north Eastward lies the vast tableland out of which
at successive elevations rise the sources of the Mitta Mitta
, known now as the Bogong High Plains, and Omeo.

Here lived formerly a mountain tribe which was divided
into two great local groups. One was the Theddora Mittŭng (1)
occupying the [Cobungra - crossed out] the Mitta Mitta River and its tributaries [from - crossed out] upwards from
about the Gibbo mountain, the Upper Kiewa River and the Ovens
above the Buffalo Mountain, thus being the neighbour of a
number of lowland tribes on the northern side of the Dividing Range, among which was the Buffalo tribe which was
claimed by my Woeworung informant as [the outlying member of the - crossed out] belonging to [the - crossed out] those
who had the ‘names’ (classes) Bunjil and Wang (1)

[Left margin notes]
Theddora Mittung

Mittung = a number
of people; also =
a number, many.
this word particularly appears
in Mitta-Mitta River in
reference to its rise & number
of tributaries.

(1) see p.-----p
see also as to the [??]
of the Buffalo & Omeo
with some Kurnai
clans. p.

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Mount Gibbo, in the Australian Alps is about 40 km north-east of Benambra, Victoria,