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Rv J Bulmer
Bidwel [Biduel?]-mitŭng

The class divisions of the Wolgal tribe were obtained from this
old man who was one of the singers or bards and [crossed out - who] had joined the
Ngarejo/Ngarego/Ngarigo of Maneroo.

[Table of 2 columns]

[Title] Class system of the Wolgal tribe

[Row 1]
[Column 1 heading] Class divisions
[Maliaro?] - Eaglehawk

[Column 2 heading] Totems
1 Banda - Kangaroo
2 Nūron - Emu
3 [crossed out - Yubai] Ebai - Hawk
4 [Mari?] - Dingo
5 Wūthering - Flying Squirrel
6 Belit-belit - Lyre bird

[Line under row]

[Row 2]
[Column 1 heading] Class divisions
Ūmbe - crow

[Column 2 heading] Totems
1 Megindang - Wombat
2 Natjauajau - Bat
3 [Maralang?] [crossed out - Wajnalang] - Brown snake
4 Bringal - Star (Venus)
5 Waniyūk - Bandicoot
6 Wandeli - Porcupine

[Line under table]

The law of the class divisions the ususal one. But that of their
totems was said to be that the totems would marry as placed in the above lists.
For instance another Wolgal man Maliau-Ebai (3) [crossed out - would marry] married Umbe-marakang [crossed out - Wearalang? and to] (3)
and the children take the class and totem names of their mother.
This I give with reserve. yet this old man - [Mr Agula?] - was so
far as I knew him a trustworthy informant, and a perfect mine of
songs both festive and ceremonial (Bora) of this tribe.

At any rate the Wolgal as thus defined would touch upon
if not include some of the Wirajuri speaking people when
class system differs materially from the above, being of the
Kind being familiar to us under its Kamilaroi Form.

Before proceeding further into New South Wales it is necessary
to say something of the coast tribes beginning with the Biduell/Bidwel-mitŭng
who I have just mentioned. This small tribe was not counted among
the Kurnai although the Krautŭn clan of that tribe occupied
the sea frontage from the Snowy River mouth to Cape Everard thus
cutting off the Biduell/Bidwel from the [sea - crossed out] actual coast frontage.

Their country is one of high mountain ridges descending from the
coast range, which is the edge of the great Maneroo table land, and of
lower usually sandy country extending to the coast. The whole country was
covered with forests and most with dense scrub which were made

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Bidawell/Biduel/Bidwel - Howitt, in Tribes of SE Australia uses Biduelli