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Chapter 2 [???? - crossed out]

Part 1, The tribal organisation.

I use the word "tribe" as meaning a number of people who occupy
a definite tract of country, who recognise a common relation -
ship and who have a common speech or at least dialects of the [s - crossed out]
same. The tribespeople recognise some common bond which exclu -
des [those of - inserted in hand writing above ] other tribes. Usually this is a tribal name, which may
be the word in their language meaning "man" that is, an
aboriginal of Australia, for instance the Kurnai of Gipps -
- land or the Wotjo of the North Western Victoria.

In some cases there [being - crossed out] [is - inserted above] [a prefix - crossed out] [an affix - written above and crossed out] [a prefix, or a postfix - hand written above] meaning people, or even
tribe, thus the Wotjo are collectively called Wotjo-balluk,
that is to say "tribe of men". [even a large extent of South east - crossed out]
[-ern Australia. - crossed out] The name may be derived from the word in the
language meaning either [? - crossed out] "no", or "yes" more frequently
the former, as the Woëworung of the Yarra river in Victoria,
the postfix "worung" meaning "lip", hence "speech".

But while individual tribes are thus distinguished from others
there are numerous cases in which the word for man is common to
the languages of a considerable number of more or less nearly
related tribes, and thus indicates a larger aggregate for which
in default of a better term I use the term "Nation".

For instance the word "Kūlin" (man) was used by tribes over most
of the eastern half of Victoria (excepting Gippsland) and
of which the Woëworung was one.

The distinction is drawn between a tribe and alien tribes, by
some term applied to the latter, either in contempt or fear.
Thus, while the Kurnai speak of themselves as "men", they give
the name of "Brajerak", (from Bra-man and "jerak" rage or anger)
to their neighbours the Theddora of the Omeo table land, [and - inserted above] the
Ngarrego of the Maneroo tableland.

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